Finding Joy in Normal

As Toria and I were discussing our NYE plans, we both commented on how uneventful our nights were probably going to be. The idea of spending a night at home doing nothing was rather appealing after a busy holiday week.

But then…

I started to see pictures all over Facebook of all the fun events everyone else was attending. Suddenly my night at home seemed less than appealing. I wasn’t really satisfied with a “normal” night when it looked like everyone else was enjoying something more extravagant.

As we were both discussing the dissatisfaction with our “normal” nights, I realized how less than excited I seem to be with “normal” life. Not to say that I’m unhappy with my life, because I’m not.

But those ear-to-ear smiling, can’t contain my joy, overly excited to experience life moments seem to be few and far between. It’s as if I’m waiting for something to happen to spark that excitement. As if the mundane day-to-day living isn’t worth being excited over.

For a lot of us in this weird, post-grad stage, it feels like we’re constantly in a stage of waiting. Waiting to start our dream career. Waiting to be engaged. Waiting for the next big trip we can post about. Waiting to plan a wedding. Waiting to start a family. Waiting for anything to be more exciting than where we’re stuck now.

Because somehow we’ve convinced ourselves that our lives are stagnant if we aren’t actively passing through each of these stages. And with stagnation comes mundane. And who finds overly ecstatic joy in the mundane?

Maybe waiting for “big things” to spark happiness is only a problem I have. Or maybe I’m right in thinking others struggle with that too.

But one thing was certain, I didn’t want to keep waiting for “big things” to experience that bubbling over happiness they seem to bring with them. Because those big things seem to occur few and far between. And with each big thing, comes a long period of waiting after the moment fades.

It’s true that happiness is a fleeting emotion, but that’s all the more reason to search for that happiness every day.

I don’t want to be thrilled with life just when I’m skiing down the mountains of Colorado or lying on the beaches in Jamaica.

I want to be thrilled with life when I wake up to Ellie running around the bed, when I walk into work and get to hear about other people’s lives, when I go to the grocery store and find mangoes on sale.

I want that ear-to-ear smiling, can’t contain my joy, overly excited to experience life feeling to be present in my daily life.


Because I’m tired of waiting for “life” to impress me enough to feel that. It’s too great of a feeling to only experience a few times a year. That’s ridiculous.

Life is so cool when you choose to see it. And there are so many things daily that should spark our excitement to be alive.

So my goal for 2017 is simple:

I want to experience joy in everything. And find happiness in the small things.


Will you join me? Let’s make everyday the next best day of our lives.


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